Quinns Baptist Church

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Welcome to Quinns

We are a community church located in Quinns Rocks Western Australia. Quinns Baptist was established in 1994 and has been a stable Christian presence in the Quinns Rocks area since then. In 1996 Quinns Baptist Church assisted with the establishment of Quinns Baptist College which remains our home to this day.

We are an open and casual community who emphasise God's love through generosity and action.

As part of a school mission, we love working with children and young people. We are a family of believers from various cultural & Christian backgrounds who work together to see God's loving presence known locally and beyond.

Join us at 9.30AM every Sunday at Quinns Baptist College (primary school or southern end of the college) for a time of connecting with God and one another.

Contact the church via email at quinnsbaptist@gmail.com OR via phone at 0417712093

Alternatively you can visit us on our Facebook page.