Our Church prayerfully supports the following missionary families and organisations:

Bali Orphanage here.
The Blacks in Thailand here.
The Wilmots in Newman here.
Ministry to Asia. Updates by request.
Open Doors here.

Our whole notion of mission is shaped by seeing God’s kingdom take shape here in our own backyard.

We want to see the world get reshaped the way God intends and for ‘your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’. In many ways its a huge dream and yet its also a dream that requires living out the life of faith very practically on a day to day level.

At the core of our mission are 3 simple tasks:

To love God – to know him and let him transform our lives so that we are continually becoming a bit more like Jesus in the way we live and behave.

We will do our best to love God by allowing his priorities to shape our own when it comes to relationships, time, money and all those other key elements of life.

To love one another – to be consciously looking out for the needs of those within our community and seeking to demonstrate love however we can and however is needed.

We recognise our church community as our extended family and we want to do our best to care for those within our family in whatever ways we can.

To love the world – God loved the world – a heap – so we want to love the community we are a part of with the same self giving spirit as God loved us.

We will do our best to serve and bless those around us with the love of God in very practical ways.

There is no prescription for how all this takes place, but we hope it will be the lifeblood of all that we do.