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We are friends of Sonshine FM and Andrew does some short teaching spots on Sunday morning radio as well as being a regular on the breakfast show’s ‘Big Brekkie’. If you have come here seeking to listen to those again then you will find links to them below:

Affluenza? – feel like you might be catching it?

Stuck? – ever feel ‘stuck’ in life? Need a hand?

Want to Join My Nudist Colony? – let me tempt you…

Never too Late – because you are not a lost cause and God has not given up on you

Nothing for Free? – if salvation is a free gift how does that work?

Risk – because life was never meant to be all about safety

A Way to Be Good Again? – Seen the movie Kite Runner? Ever feel like you need to find a way to be good again?…

Refugees – So what do we do with boat people?…

The Most Spiritual Thing You Can Do? – God made you for something… that ‘thing’ brings you alive and brings you near him. When you do it you feel his pleasure. What is that for you?

Consideration – what happens when you do something you think might be wrong, but you aren’t sure? How can you make a decision as to what is right and wrong? Here’s a practical example.




When Everything isn’t Enough  – Sometimes life doesn’t seem to turn out as we hope, but its hard to know where to go for answers. Solomon had everything go to plan and still felt empty. Here are his thoughts.

Is Jesus a Superhero? –  Jesus is pretty amazing, but is he a ‘superhero’ in the mould of Captain America?… Where does violence and power fit into Jesus’ kingdom?

He Wants You Back – Ever lost something and really wanted it back?… God knows how you feel.

To Live is Christ – what are your hopes and dreams for your kids? Are they just a religious version of middle class aspirational living, or do they go deeper and are they richer?

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours – Really?… Robert Frost wrote a poem along these lines, but perhaps we need to reconsider that idea.

Going Viral – It seems anyone with enough resources can get an idea to go viral on social media, but why is it so difficult for ‘action’ to catch on?…

Evidence – Sometimes the ‘evidence’ doesn’t add up…

Abstinence – Because sometimes this is the only way to deal with our demons

Desperation – sometimes you pray because there’s nothing else left to do…

The Good Life – so what’s that look like anyway?



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