Living Well

Living Well


When I use those words what mental images come to mind?

Chances are you’re thinking health, prosperity and a life free from stress. What if I were to ask you how Jesus would view those words and that idea?

Living well...

Does the mental image look the same?

Over the next 10 weeks we will be taking some time to consider what ‘Living Well’ looks like, but not by the definitions ascribed by our culture. Rather we will be looking thru the lens of Jesus’ vision for the Kingdom of God and asking what does it mean to ‘live well’ in this regard.

We will be picking up some key areas of life and reflecting on them, so expect to hear teaching around friendships, money, sex, ambition, health and power. In the process we will be trying to discern which messages from our culture are good and worth keeping, but also comparing them to the perspective Jesus offers.

Jesus once said ‘I have come that you may have life – life in all its fullness’, but the question is what he meant by that…


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