Developing Spiritual Muscle

Developing Spiritual Muscle

Your Spiritual Health is YOUR Responsibility

A few weeks back I spoke about our top priority as a church – that of being transformed more and more into Christlikeness. One of the things I said was that if we are to become more like Christ then a significant part of that will be ‘training ourselves to be Godly‘, as Paul says to Timothy (1 Tim 4:6-8)

So starting Wednesday May 6th at 7.00pm we will be running a 6 week short course – most likely in the chaplain’s lounge – but that may change depending on numbers.

It will be largely practical in that we will be practicing various ways of encountering God – meditation, journalling, silence, study and whatever else fits that realm.

So if you find yourself stuck in a rut and would like to learn some new ways to encounter God and ‘train yourself’ then we’d like to help you with that. Here’s the deal though…

I want you to commit for the whole 6 weeks – not ‘come when you can’ or ‘give it a try’. We can do this with physical training so let’s go hard with our spiritual formation!

Let me know if you reckon you will find this helpful



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