a community of people committed to living in the way of Jesus

We meet on Sundays at 9.30am in the primary school auditorium of Quinns Baptist College, 8 Salerno Drive Mindarie.

Our Sunday gatherings are relaxed in nature where we come together to worship, learn and connect with one another and God.

On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate communion together and enjoy a picnic after Church.

Click here for a google map of where we meet.

If you’re looking for glitz, pizzazz, shiny happy people with perfect teeth and kids who never muck up then you might have to go somewhere else…

However if you’re looking to be part of a pretty earthy bunch of people who are just doing their best at loving God, loving one another and loving the community around them then you’ll probably slot right in. Find out more…

May Mission Month

In May we will focus on the topic of Mission. We will have the privilege of having Graham Hill commissioned into his state role with Baptist Mission Australia on May 1st. Across the series we will be connecting in with our Missionaries and being inspired to consider who God is putting in our life to reach with the good news of Jesus.

Upcoming Sermon Series:
The Desert Experience

The book of Exodus details the journey of the Israelites from their release from captivity to the Egyptians, their 40 years of desert wanderings and finally their arrival to the promised land. The desert experience resonates deeply with Christians today and we have much to learn from both the experiences of the Israelites and the monastic tradition of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, whose theology is deeply formed in barren spaces of life.
Recommended app to accompany this series: Into The Desert.

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